Wastewater Digestion Tank Sludge Level Measurement

Application Problem: Digester for sludge treatment. Inside is sludge mixed with water. The process generates methane that absorbs ultrasonic waves. The environment is explosive so equipment with EX (Class 1 Div 1) approvals is required.

Application History: The customer tried several ultrasonic level detectors that didn’t work because of methane. Some radar units were also used, they had echo stability problems which gave false readings.

Solution: ABM’s radar sensor (ABM300-050RC2 model) with safety barrier is used. The reading is very stable for the full range of sludge level. The safety barrier caused supply voltage drop to 12Vdc. Even at 12Vdc the radar works great in this difficult application.

“Nothing worked before.”

– Wastewater Customer

Wastewater Digestion Tank Sludge Level Measurement
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