Sulfuric Acid Storage Tank Radar Level Measurement

Application Problem: Customer required level measurement in a metal tank containing sulfuric acid with a strong vapor. Mounting hole is only 10 inches away from tank’s wall, and there is a standpipe of 3 inch ID and 6 inch long.

Application History: Some radar units were used before. Those units had fixed transmit power and due to that there were a lot of unwanted echoes from tank wall and when the tank was empty, from its bottom. The stand pipe also influenced the antenna radiation causing a false reading.

Solution: ABM’s non-contact radar sensor (ABM300-050RC2 model) solved all the problems. The radar uses minimum power and short transmit pulse to get a constant level of the received echoes from the Acid. This eliminates echoes from tank’s wall and bottom. Antenna extension gets rid of the standpipe influence on the antenna radiation.

“Our confidence in radar level measurement is back.”

– Customer

Sulfuric Acid Storage Tank Radar Level Measurement
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