Sensor Access Website

Monitor your Tank from Anywhere

The cloud-based Sensor Access website allows you to remotely monitor your tank, silo, bin or reservoir in real-time from anywhere using a computer, smartphone or tablet for informed decision making.

The website is customizable to your application and offers users full remote level monitoring and sensor control. With multiple dashboards users can perform calibration, view tank collections and graphical displays, customize alarms and much more.

remote level monitoring

No Climbing. Manage your Sensors Remotely

Configure any parameter, calibrate and program your sensor with ease. The sensor access website enables you to control your sensors remotely, eliminating the need for costly and time consuming site visits.

Remote tank level monitoring

Get Instant Email Alerts

Ensure no event goes unseen. Create high and low level set points with up to 5 alarms and email notifications customized to alarm set points – helping you alert the right personnel immediately of unexpected events or low inventory levels.

  • High Level Alerts: High and High High Level set points allow you to be notified when fill level is exceeded. 
  • Low Level Alerts: Low and Low Low Level set points alert when minimum inventory levels are reached. 
  • Theft Alerts: Ensure your products security with the customizable ‘After Hours Change Alarm’.

Monitor Multiple Locations, Tanks and Sensors

From a single platform, you can monitor multiple locations, tanks and sensors. Using the Tank Collections dashboard, you can quickly assess status and inventory of multiple tanks.  Information on the level, volume and mass of material in each tank is quickly accessible for remote level monitoring.

Remote tank level monitoring
Remote tank level monitoring

Analyze Trends and Predict Demand

Gain greater insights and data visibility of your individual tanks using graphical displays. Users can view the level or distance measurement history in table or graph format over various time periods. Historical data allows you to monitor inventory trends and predict future demand.

Customize for Your Application

The Sensor Access website is customizable and 100% supported by ABM. During setup, users can select from several tank geometries and input dimensions to accurately simulate the application.

remote level monitoring
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