How ABM Level Sensors Self-Adjust

How ABM's Sensors Adjust to Any Environmental Condition

Smart, Self-Adjusting Level Sensors

ABM’s ultrasonic and radar level sensors are unlike any instrument on the market. The smart, self-adjusting level sensors continually monitor environment conditions and automatically adjust their transmitted energy and receiver sensitivity to match the target distance and reflection properties. The sensors maintain the same amplitude of echo over the operating range.

Using this innovative technique, the receiver detects only one echo from the measured target while all false echoes from tank walls, ladders, or other obstructions are pushed under the noise and eliminated. With one echo only, signal processing is very simple, and the certainty of the measured echo being the target is 100%. 

Radar Level Sensor for Corrosive Liquid

User Advantages

Stable and Reliable Measurement

The intelligent sensors have ‘eyes’ in the process for continuous feedback between the sensor and the environment, automatically adjusting to produce stable and reliable measurements.

Plug and Play Operation 

Once installed and powered, the sensors automatically find and lock in on the target without user intervention. There is no need to download and configure several parameters.

Flexible Installation

ABM sensors can be installed close to tank walls or in locations with obstructions without concerns of compromising performance. Combining very narrow and uniform polar patterns (directivity) with intelligent signal processing allows false echoes to be ignored or cancelled.

Maintenance Free 

ABM’s ultrasonic sensors provide self-cleaning operation, eliminating build-up and condensation from the transducer face. Build-up or condensation of the radar sensors antenna does not deteriorate performance. Users benefit from reliable, maintenance-free operation. 

Time and Cost Saving

 With ABM’s advanced sensor technologies, users will save valuable time and costs by not having to perform extensive set-up, updating the sensor’s parameters when process conditions change, or cleaning the sensor to ensure performance. 

Alternative Methods

In comparison, many alternative ultrasonic and radar level sensors operate using maximum transmitted energy and gain in receivers. Without automatic adjustment and sensor intelligence, the user must program the sensor to match the environment with several parameters. This task can be a lengthy and time-consuming process.

Additionally, the tank must be ‘mapped’ to identify interferences or obstructions in the sensor’s path that will generate false echoes. The map is then used in the sensor’s software to ignore or suppress false echoes. If environment conditions change, the user must manually change sensor parameters to maintain accuracy and reliability.

ABM Sensor Technology researches, designs and manufactures non-contact level sensors based on ultrasonic and radar technologies. Over 200,000 of our smart, self-adjusting level sensors are installed around the globe in various industries. Our customers trust and rely on ABM level sensors to deliver reliable, maintenance-free operation in the most demanding applications.

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