Remote Tank Level Monitoring for Cement Storage

Application Problem:  A cement customer required a real-time level sensor that could operate reliably in a cement storage tank with a lot of dust and material build-up.

Application History: A paddle type level switch was used to monitor the tank; however the mechanical device was maintenance intensive and did not provide real-time data and remote monitoring.

Solution: ABM’s non-contact ultrasonic level sensor with built-in cellular modem was selected for the project. The ultrasonic sensor tracks echoes from the cement surface to the tank’s bottom by automatically changing the transmit energy, gain in the receiver, and echo detection threshold. The customer is able to remotely monitor their sensor and receives full virtual support from ABM technicians 24/7 online. At this particular site, the sensor is installed very close to the existing paddle switch and tank ladder that create false echoes. With virtual monitoring, an ABM technician adjusted the sensors parameters to completely eliminate false echoes as well as any influence from build-up on the tanks walls – ensuring accurate and reliable sensor operation. Build-up information is also transferred to the customer for proactive maintenance inside the tank.

Remote Tank Level Monitoring for Cement Storage, non-contact ultrasonic level sensor
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