ABM Remote Monitoring Platform

A complete remote monitoring platform for your level monitoring application.

Gain real-time visibility into your process 24/7 with the ABM Remote Monitoring Platform to help optimize operations, improve efficiency, ensure continuous production – no downtime, and maximize profitability.

photo of remote ultrasonic sensor

ABM Low Power, Cellular Ultrasonic Level Sensors

Extremely low-power ultrasonic sensors with built-in cellular modems are plug-and-play, automatically connecting to the ABM servers that are fully secured for ease of installation – no need to set up SIM cards like alternative solutions. Battery or continuous power options are available. ABM level sensors automatically adjust their parameters to any environmental conditions without user interface – no need to download several parameters to match tank conditions like other brands of sensors. Customers only need to provide power; our technicians will take it from there and provide complete setup and control.

remote cellular gateway

ABM Cellular Gateway

The Cellular Gateway enables up to eight new or existing ABM level sensors with RS485 communication to connect to the ABM servers for remote monitoring and total control. Battery and continuous supply sensors can be connected to the Cellular Gateway. Existing level sensors connected to the Cellular Gateway will have all the same features as the sensors with cellular modems built-in. Class 1 Div 1 Cellular Gateway is also available.

diagram of dry contact monitor

ABM Remote Dry Contact Monitor

The Remote Dry Contact Monitor (RDCM) is designed to monitor a single dry relay or switch contact and reports its status to the ABM Sensor Access server. Users can login to the ABM Sensor Access server to configure their RDCM, view alarm history and setup emails to receive alarm messages. The RDCM provides a “heartbeat” measurement every 12 hours by default when no alarm conditions have been detected. If an alarm condition is detected and reported to the server, the heartbeat timer is reset.

ABM Customer Web-Based Portal

Users can remotely monitor their assets from one location for real-time data visibility and insights, gain complete control of their sensors, customize alerts/notifications and much more. Tank collections give users information on the level, volume, and material mass. Several tank geometries with dimensions are offered for users to simulate their application accurately. High and low set points can be customized with up to 5 alarms and email notifications customized to alarm set points. The customer portal is fully customizable to meet application demands and is 100% supported by ABM.

ABM Support and Data Center

Gain peace of mind with ABM sitting virtually next to your level sensor. Unlike any other remote monitoring solution, ABM’s platform has full online support for remote setup, diagnostics and troubleshooting. ABM technicians and engineers monitor the performance of your sensors 24/7 online. Our technicians and engineers can improve the sensor’s performance by using several filters such as start-up, level jumps and false echo. These filters eliminate material build-up, rat holes, dust and many other common challenges with level measurement. With virtual eyes on your level sensors, ABM ensures the performance of your sensor for accurate, reliable and stable measurements.

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