Remote Tank Level Monitoring

Gain real-time visibility into your process 24/7. Remote tank level monitoring lets you check the level in multiple tanks, bins, silos or reservoirs, across multiple sites, all from your computer or smartphone. Monitor inventory, optimize operations, improve your efficiency, and maximize profitability.

Easy and Reliable Remote Level Monitoring

At ABM, we understand the challenges you face in reliably monitoring your tank levels. Our cutting-edge sensor technology, cloud-based software and industry leading remote support addresses our customer’s challenges.

Remote tank level monitoring

End-to-End IoT Solution

We provide the hardware, connectivity and software as a one-stop shop for remote monitoring

Real-Time Data and Alerts

Access your data in real-time from anywhere. Receive email alerts for high and low inventory levels

24/7 Remote Support

ABM engineers remotely monitor and control the sensor for optimal performance - no worries

Accurate Measurements

Our self-adjusting level sensors automatically adapt to field conditions, eliminating false echoes

Liquid or Solids Applications

We offer a comprehensive line of non-contact ultrasonic and radar level sensors for any application

Harsh Environments

Our robust sensors withstand dust, wind, humidity, high temperature, and hazardous environments

How it Works

  • Install the level sensor on your tank, bin or silo.
  • The sensor automatically connects to ABM’s secured servers – no need to set-up the SIM card.
  • Using two-way communication, ABM engineers have Remote Active Control to set-up the sensor and configure the parameters to match the environment.
  • The non-contact sensor measures the distance between the liquid or solid material and itself to monitor level.
  • Data is transmitted via the built-in cellular modem (or via the cellular gateway for sites with multiple tanks / sensors) to the servers.
  • You can access the cloud-based Sensor Access website on any smartphone, computer or tablet to get real-time information such as the level, mass and volume of material in your tank, bin or silo.
  • On the Sensor Access website, you can configure alarms for high and low levels as well as an after hours change alarm. If the level goes below or beyond the defined thresholds, you will get an alert via email.
  • ABM engineers continuously monitor the sensor, proactively making adjustments for optimal performance.
  • In addition, ABM engineers monitor the process and environment for irregularities, abnormal conditions, or process inefficiencies. Information is reported to the site for evaluation and optimization opportunities.

Cellular Level Sensors

ABM’s non-contact level sensors with built-in cellular modems are plug-and-play, automatically connecting to the ABM secured servers for ease of installation – no need to set up SIM cards. Battery or continuous power options are available. Customers only need to provide power; our engineers will take it from there and provide complete setup and control.

Cellular Devices

The Cellular Gateway connects up to eight new or existing ABM level sensors for remote monitoring and total sensor control. The Remote Dry Contact Monitor (RDCM) is designed to monitor a single dry relay or switch contact.

Sensor Access Website

Users can remotely monitor their assets from one location for real-time data visibility. The cloud-based Sensor Access website features:

  • Sensor Configuration: Gain complete control of your sensor remotely – adjust parameters, calibrate, view diagnostics and more. 
  • Tank Collections: Several tank geometries with dimensions are offered to simulate your application accurately. The Tank Collections dashboard allows you to view the level, volume and mass of material in several tanks from a single view. 
  • Alerts and Alarms: High and low set points can be customized with up to 5 alarms and email notifications customized to alarm set points.

The Sensor Access website is fully customizable to meet application demands and 100% supported by ABM.

Remote tank level monitoring

Remote Active Control

Gain peace of mind with ABM sitting remotely next to your level sensor. Unlike any other remote monitoring solution, ABM’s platform has full online support for:

  • Sensor Control and Optimization: Our engineers provide remote setup, diagnostics and troubleshooting, monitor the performance of your sensors 24/7 online, and improve the sensor’s performance by using several filters such as start-up, level jumps and false echo.
  • Process Insights: Our engineers monitor your process for flow issues such as rat holes, funneling or bridging. Monitor filling and emptying inefficiencies, overfilling, leaks, spills and much more. Relaying critical process insights to you for optimization opportunities.
  • Sensor Access Support: Our engineers support you with customizing the Sensor Access website to meet your application demand including alarm set-up, email notifications, calibration and more.

With virtual eyes on your level sensors, ABM ensures the performance of your sensor for accurate, reliable and stable measurements.

Remote tank level monitoring
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