Mini Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

Continuous level measurement of liquids with non-contact ultrasonic level transmitter

Mini ultrasonic level transmitters are ideal for short range continuous level measurement of liquids in environments without gases or vapours, such as small tanks barrels, drums and totes. ABM’s non-contact mini ultrasonic level transmitters s are plug-and-play, maintenance-free and backed with full customer support to ensure long-term successful operation in the field.

Continous Level Measurement: Sensor Selection

We offers various level sensors to meet the demands of your application. Use our product configurator or submit the level application form – our trained engineers with over 40 years of experience are here to support you.

oil drum level indicator, oil drum level measurement

Ultrasonic Working Principle

An ultrasonic pulse is transmitted from the sensor. The pulse travels to the surface being monitored and is reflected off the surface back to the sensor. The time-of-flight is divided by 2, corrected with temperature and converted to an output signal directly proportional to the liquid level.

ABM’s non-contact mini ultrasonic level transmitters have feedback with the environment and automatically adjust the transmit power and receiver sensitivity to match the current conditions. With self-adjusting technology, false echoes from the tanks walls are eliminated providing accurate and reliable level measurements.


  • Accurate and reliable measurements with self-adjusting technology. False echoes from tank walls are eliminated. No mounting influence on performance
  • Maintenance-free due to non-contact self-cleaning sensor. Condensation on the transducer face is being eliminated, no influence on operation
  • Works on liquids in high temperature processes, sanitary processes, corrosive environments, extremely short blanking distance and more
  • Optional remote monitoring and full remote sensor control for set up, calibration, diagnostic and troubleshooting using Cellular Gateway
  • Ideal for Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Oil, Water, Wastewater and Chemical  
  • Plug-and-play installation with simple push-button calibration
  • Small IP68 enclosures, no need for big overhead
  • Optional Relay for alarm and pump control
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