Manhole Water Level Monitoring with Ultrasonic Sensors

Application Problem: A utilities company required a reliable and very low maintenance solution to monitor water level for a manhole application.

Application History: The environment was challenging for level measurement due to the close installation to the bumpy concrete wall and obstructions such as the ladder that would cause false echoes for the level sensor.

Solution: ABM non-contact ultrasonic level sensor was selected for the project. The sensor automatically adjusts the transmitted energy, transmitted pulse amplitude and its duration, and receiver sensitivity to match to the current tank conditions. All unwanted echoes are pushed under the noise floor to receive one echo only from the liquid surface. In addition, the self-cleaning operation prevents any condensation on the transducers’ faces, so the ABM sensors are maintenance-free. ABM’s solution met the customers application demand.

manhole water level monitoring, non-contact ultrasonic sensor
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