Chemical Reactor Ultrasonic Level Measurement

Application Problem: Small chemical reactors with agitators and hot liquids. CIP (Clean In Place) is used for 30 min. The customer needs 1.5 inch tri-clamp sanitary sensor that is very reliable in level measurement and does not need to be removed during CIP.

Application History: Capacitance and also ultrasonic sensors were used with limited success. These customers had to remove those sensors during CIP. The measurements during agitation and empty tank were very unstable, so the customer had to measure the level manually.


Solution: Multiple ABM non-contact ultrasonic sensors (ABM200-148US1.5 model) are used. ABM is the only company in the world that has 1.5” tri-clamp mounting. The units are very reliable and work even when the reactors are empty and also when the agitators are on. CIP doesn’t damage the transducer faces that are made of SS316L.

“We use your ultrasonic devices in all of our chemical reactors. Your devices became a standard for our corporation worldwide.”

– Chemical Customer

Chemical Reactor Ultrasonic Level Measurement
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