Accurate Level Measurement for Plastic Pellet Silo

Application Problem: An industrial manufacture required continuous monitoring of level measurement of plastic pellets in a narrow 60 foot tall storage silo.

Application History: The customer tried yo-yo level indicators and differential pressure sensors without any success. These sensors required very frequent maintenance and were very inaccurate. This lead them to having an operator check the inventory which was very expensive and time consuming.

Solution: ABM’s non-contact ultrasonic level sensor (ABM400-045ULC2-PVPVC) was selected for the application. The sensor works for the customers 60 foot tall narrow silo with plastic pellets inside.

“We didn’t believe that there is a level sensor that would work in our application. Now we have something that is very accurate and maintenance free.”

– Industrial Customer

Accurate Level Measurement for Plastic Pellet Silo
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