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ABM Sensor Technology Inc. was established in Peterborough, Canada 24 years ago. It is the first company in the world to manufacture plug-and-play self-adjusting non-contact level devices based on microwave and ultrasonic technology. Our cutting-edge sensor technology is well ahead of sensors manufactured by other well-known level companies.

ABM’s instruments automatically adapt to any environmental conditions without frequent downloading of several echo processing support parameters (see our competitors’ user manuals). Our one-page manual allows even non-technical users to set up ABM products.

ABM Sensor Technology offers full training on its products to your technical, marketing, and salespeople. During the training, your people will participate in a theoretical presentation on wave propagation (ultrasonic and microwave) sensors’ structures and operation principles, electronic circuits, and signal processing used in our controllers. In the practical part of the training, the participants find out how the sensors work in different environments, how to do the set up, how to mount the sensors on tanks. We also simulate field problems and let the participants solve them. After the training, our customers go directly to the field and mount and set up our sensors in any environment. Our customers are fully assisted in their field problems by the ABM technical people. We identify their problems and give them solutions.

All ABM technologies are developed in house by our research and development team.

Remote Monitoring

ABM’s battery and continuously supplied sensors with cell modems built-in allow users to read data and do the set up, diagnostics, and troubleshooting, making them unique on the market

Self-adjusting Sensors

ABM’s sensors automatically adjust their powers and receiver gains to get the same amplitude of the echoes regardless of the environment.

Robust Sensors

Over 300,000 ABM level sensors operate worldwide in harsh and demanding applications such as asphalt, molten metals and highly corrosive liquids

Fastest Response

ABM’s 2-wire products (radar/ultrasonic) have response times approaching 3 and 4 wire systems, making them the fastest in the world.

Free Support

ABM provides world-class support with free product training, expert advice on sensor selection, and free technical support for installation and operational problems

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