5 Benefits of Radar Level Sensors for Wastewater

5 Benefits of Radar Level Sensors for Wastewater

Radar level sensors, with their robustness, versatility, and reliability, are a preferred choice for wastewater applications. They provide significant operational advantages and contribute to better process control and efficiency. Here are five key benefits:


Performance in Harsh Conditions

Radar level sensors operate effectively in harsh wastewater conditions, including extreme temperatures, weather (i.e. heavy rain, strong wind), high humidity, and environments with vapours or gases. 


Non-Contact Measurement

Radar uses microwave signals to measure the liquid level, a non-contact method that ensures no damage from the wastewater, which can be highly corrosive and contaminated.


Accuracy and Reliability

As noted, radar is not influenced by temperature, pressure, humidity, condensation, vapours, gases, surface foam and ice, or turbulent surfaces, all common in wastewater environments, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements.


Maintenance-Free Operation

With no direct contact with the liquid and resistance to condensation or other build-up, radar sensors require minimal to no maintenance, reducing the overall cost of ownership.


Application Versatility

Radar is suitable for a wide range of applications, including monitoring levels in various types of tanks, digesters, basins, open channels, manholes, and pump stations.

wastewater radar level sensors

Tanks and Digesters

Monitoring liquid or sludge levels in tanks to ensure optimal treatment

Sewer Networks

Monitoring water level in sewer systems to prevent overflow events

Pump Stations

Monitoring water level to control lift pump operation for efficient transfer

Channels and Weirs

Monitoring open channel water level for accurate flow rate calculations

Non-Contact Wastewater Radar Level Sensors

ABM’s non-contact radar sensors are plug-and-play, maintenance-free and backed with full customer support to ensure long-term successful operation in the field.

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