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Full control and monitoring. Trained ABM engineers and technicians monitoring your sensor 24/7 online. Remote support, diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Level Measurement and Control Solutions

ABM Sensor Technology is your source of non-contact ultrasonic and radar level sensors. Our technologically advanced sensors have feedback with their environment, automatically adjusting their parameters to a wide range of environments without user interference for accurate and reliable level measurement in any application.

Industries Served

ABM provides solutions to match the demands of many industry applications. Select your industry to view our applications.


ABM offers a complete line of plug-and-play, self-adjusting ultrasonic and radar level sensors. Select a sensor to learn more about our solutions.
Standard radar level sensor

Radar Sensors

Radar should be your choice when dealing with challenging environments such as vapor, temperature variations, extreme temperatures, extreme dust, wind, foam, ice, acoustic noise, etc.

standard ultrasonic sensor

Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic is the ideal solution for relatively clean environments with low to moderate dust and minimal temperature variation, wind, vapour or acoustic noise.

image of submersible ultrasonic probe

Submersible Ultrasonic Sensor

The submersible ultrasonic sensor is ideal for submersible pump control or detection of solid materials such as sand or sludge in liquids with dual function for each application.

photo of non-invasive ultrasonic switch

Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Switch

Based on the vibration patterns, the non-invasive switch is the ideal solution to detect the presence or absence of liquid inside a tank - directly opposite the switch.

ultrasonic mini sanitary sensor

Mini Ultrasonic Sensors

Mini ultrasonic sensors are used in liquid applications such as Food & Beverage processing and small tanks such as barrels due to their mounting and maintenance-free nature.

Level and Distance Applications

ABM’s ultrasonic and radar sensors cover a wide range of monitoring applications

Remote Monitoring

Liquid Level

Solid Material Level

Point Level


High Temperature

High Pressure

Explosion Proof

Interface Detection

Flood Monitoring

Fast Moving Object Detection

Pump Control

Advanced Ultrasonic and Radar Level Sensors.

24 Years. 35 Countries. 200,000+ Installations.

ABM Sensor Technology researches, designs, and manufactures level sensors based on ultrasonic and radar technologies for level measurement of liquids and solids. Our sensors automatically adjust to a wide range of tank environments without user interference, providing accurate and reliable level measurement for any application.

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