ABM Sensor Technology Inc. Manufacturer of level measurement radar and ultrasonic. Self Adjusting, Plug & Play, The Shortest Response Time Non-Contact Sensors in the Market. Our customers benefit from the experience we've gained over the last 15 years in designing and supporting a wide variety of reliable, standalone remote monitoring systems. Our Product: Remote Tank-level monitoring, tank level gauges, river level measurement, sea level measurement, storage bin level measurement, non-contact ultrasonic, radar, microwave, level transducers, radar interface detector, sanitary high temperature ultrasonic, relay , readout, open channel meters, point level switches, flow meters, ultrasonic, sensor, smart radar, self adjusting radar, sanitary ultrasonic, flood monitoring system, anti-flood system, oil-water separation monitoring, oil-water separation process, oil-water interface monitor, oil-water sensor, tank level sensor.

Introducing the new ABM Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Switch

Introducing the new ABM Remote Tank Level Monitoring. Low Power Ultrasonic Sensors with Cellular Modem.

Introducing Remote Tank Level Monitoring

New 340Ft range radar for flood monitoring

New 100% Reliable Ultrasonic Sensor Working on Plastic Pellets and Powders

New Flex Horn Antenna for Radar

FASTEST tank level gauges on the market.

NEW!!! 2-wire ultrasonic family with HART for any application.

Plug and Play, The Fastest, Self Adjusting and Cleaning. Only two point calibration is required. Standard and Sanitary Mounting.

"SMART" Radar Explosion Proof - 2 Wire Measurement Sensors

2 Wire Operation Self Adjusting Tracking Tank Level Radar Output 4-20 mA / 20- 4 mA For communications with calibration, diagnostics & data logging software Communication with “HART 7”


ABM Sensor Technology Inc. manufactures versatile and reliable flood warning systems. We manufacture customizable, high-speed radar systems that take advantage of the latest communications technologies to provide advanced solutions for flood warning.


Using state-of-the-art electronics, the ABM300-RC-ALAPP-RID-IP68-EXP Oil Water Interface Meters deliver reliable, rock solid performance in the field. This allows more readings and more accurate measurements compared to other similar oil water interface meters.


Our anti-collision system controls and protects track bound cranes and similar machinery, controlling distance, speed and direction. Our anti-collision system / collision avoidance system protects people and property.

Self Adjusting “Smart” 26 GHz Level Radar Gauge for Solid Materials

Self Adjusting Tracking Radar for Solid Materials. Programmable and Simple push-button calibration PRODUCT'S FILE LIST (pdf) Remote Tank Monitoring Remote Tank-level monitoring Remote Tank Monitoring, Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Switch Remote Tank Level Monitoring Tank Monitoring Tank Level Monitoring Self Adjusting “Smart” Tank Level Radar Gauge Standard Measurement Sensors Self Adjusting “Smart” Tank Level Radar Gauge 2 Wire Measurement Sensors “Smart” Tank Level Radar Gauge Explosion Proof 2 Wire Measurement Sensors "Smart" Tank Level Radar Gauge Explosion Proof Measurement Sensors “Smart” Tank Level Radar Gauge Sanitary Ferrule Mtg. Sensors Self Adjusting “Smart” IP68 Tank Level Radar Gauge For Special Outdoor Flood Monitoring Tank Level Radar Gauge  Interface Detector (RID) Operating Principle Anti-Collision System for Cranes Self Adjusting “Smart” 26 GHz Level Radar Gauge for Solid Materials The Fastest 2 Wire Tank Level Ultrasonic Gauge Transmitters - c/w HART 7 Standard and Sanitary Mtg. 3 & 4 Wire Self Compensating Tank Level Ultrasonic Gauge Transmitters Standard Mtg. ULTRASONIC TANK LEVEL TRANSDUCERS “Mini Sonic” Tank Level Ultrasonic Gauge Transmitters- Standard Mtg.
In industrial applications, ultrasonic sensors are characterized by their reliability and outstanding versatility. Ultrasonic sensors can be used to solve even the most complex tasks involving object detection or level measurement with millimetre precision, because their measuring method works reliably under almost all conditions. No other measuring method can be successfully put to use on such a wide scale and in so many different applications. The devices are extremely robust, making them suitable for even the toughest conditions. The sensor surface cleans itself through vibration, and that is not the only reason why the sensor is insensitive to dirt. The physical principle—the propagation of sound—works, with a few exceptions, in practically any environment. The measuring method employed by ultrasonic sensors has been viewed as an excessively complex technology, and only used as a “last resort” ... as a solution for particularly difficult applications. Those times have long since passed! Ultrasonic sensors have proven their reliability and endurance in virtually all industrial sectors.

Radar Tank Gauging Solutions

ABM Sensor Technology provide radar tank gauging solutions for inventory control and high accuracy applications. Radar devices provide non-contact measurement with high reliability and low maintenance.

Remote Tank Level Monitoring

PRODUCT CATALOGUE (pdf) Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Switch Tank Monitoring Tank Level Remote Tank Monitoring Measuring Principle - An ultrasonic pulse is transmitted from the ABM sensor . The pulse 25 - 148 KHz travels to the surface being monitored and is reflected off this surface back to the sensor face. The time of flight is divided in half, cor-rected with temperature and converted to an output current directly proportional to the material level . Due to sensor‘s dead band, don‘t get closer than minimum distance with material. ABM sensors monitor environmental conditions and adjust sensor‘s transmitters and receivers to match the sensors to any condition, to receive one echo only from measured material and to eliminate any false echoes. No other brands of level measurement devices offer this feature. Applications - Monitoring Liquid Levels - Page 5 & 6 To monitor Stable liquids with no gases or volatile surfaces. Pick a sensor with the range for your application. This will determine the Frequency of your sensor. For corrosive applications the Sensor‘s material can be chosen that is compatible with the liquid. Monitoring Solid Material Levels - Page 7 & 8 To monitor Solid material; the lower operating frequency helps to penetrate dusty atmosphere found in solids level storage vessels, tanks & bins. They are usually larger in size and require the larger and more powerful Transducers for reliable measurement. High Temperature Applications - Page 9 To monitor applications with elevated temperatures sensor material selection is important. Special sensor design with Thermal isolation is required. Temperature in environment does not effect the ABM sensors performance, because of special and innovative construction of the sensor‘s drivers. Sanitary Applications - Page 10 Monitoring sanitary applications with sanitary ferrule mounting sensors with continuous ultrasonic transmitter are available. ABM Offers 1 1/2‖ and 2‖ tri-clamp mounting. For the food industry the sensor‘s must withstand steam cleaning and be quickly removable and easy to re-install. For high pressure and /or temperature applications special material mtg. sensors are available. Belt Conveyor and Motion Tracking Applications - Monitoring fast moving objects is possible with the revolutionary ― Fast Response Time Design‖. ABM Ultrasonic Sensors are the fastest response sensors in the market. This allows measurement of any solid material profile. Ultrasonic Guided Contact Sensors - Page 11 Can be used on very narrow tanks, and also where no blanking inside tank is required.